About Us

Wolverine Snow Products is a Canadian owned company; whose vision takes inspiration from its namesake. Wolverines have evolved to become powerful predators in some of the deepest snowpacks and extreme mountainous terrain.  

Our goal at Wolverine Snow Products is to provide functional products that help you travel efficiently and safely in the backcountry. All of our products are mindfully designed and tested. Our designs and features are based on years of backcountry guiding and experience splitboarding and ski touring. Wolverine Snow Products offers a quality alternative to the major brands.

We’ve just launched the second version of our Snow Sticks for winter 2022.

These poles are meticulously assembled with our hands right here in Revelstoke, B.C. Canada. Our Snow Sticks are available in both two and three piece models. They feature an extended low profile foam grip and a small lip on the aluminum end cap that allows you to easily manipulate levers, bindings and risers. Snow Sticks come with oversized baskets, or as we like to call them, Paws.

To learn about our origin story, read this article.

Joey Vosburgh & Chris Payne     Photo: Aaron Orlando